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Teresal's Caesarean Story

Well I have pondered with this story for some time now. My Caesarean wasn’t planned at all, so have struggled with how or what to write, but I will try and explain it best I can.

Quick brief update on my birth story (full one on another thread), I was being induced and whilst on the monitor baby’s heartbeat dropped and all hell broke loose.

I can remember being told in my delivery room that I was going for a Caesarean and that when I got into theatre I would be given an Epidural. Nothing was really sinking in at the time, they could have been telling me I was losing my leg and I would have agreed.

As I was lying on the bed with a consultant doing an internal examination I was having canulas put into each hand, then it was time to move onto theatre. On the way to theatre it was decided by the consultant that they would just give me a general anaesthetic as that would be quicker than waiting for the epidural to work.

The theatre room was very surreal, anaesthetist at my head, two nurses down below with my feet in stirrups, consultant at my side and I think two nurses from special care unit at the resuscitation machine. There were other people in the room, but I don’t know who or why they were there (could have been cleaners for all I cared at this stage). Everything was calm and very regimented, and everyone knew what their particular job was and they were doing it.

I, on the other hand, was crying and shaking. I can remember being very scared and struggling to breath, the anaesthetist was telling me to breath. I was very quickly put to sleep (what a lovely feeling that is, wish I could go to sleep like that every night) and to await the outcome.

After the surgery I had a cut just above my bikini line (as if I’ve worn one of them) with a drainage tube coming out of it.

I was taken into recovery where I was met by my husband and my beautiful healthy daughter; I was in recovery for about an hour before being moved onto the maternity ward.

My experience will be very different to someone who was having a planned Caesarean or even someone who was having an emergency with an epidural, they will be able to explain what happens during the actual procedure. I have no clue as to what happened during that time, but maybe that was a good thing for me as I could no longer panic at every sound. But it would have been nice to have heard Meredith’s first cry (I have heard plenty since then though).

--Teresal (talk) Teresal 20:20, 1 September 2013 (UTC)