Chapleford Farm Pub - Warrington

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Chapleford Farm Pub - Warrington

Chapleford Farm Pub

Just next to the Marks & Spencer Gemini and IKEA superstores.

Ok, this is my new favourite place in the world! It isn't a famous world class chef restaurant but thats not why we go ... we go because you can do something that you haven't been able to do since the day you became a parent. You get to eat in peace!

The food is good, typical pub grub. They have a lovely carvery and it is reasonably priced. We have a main meal each and the kids have a kids meal each. We have a round of drinks and a cake to take home (I'll come back to this!) and we spend about £30.

The kids area is fantastic! Everything from a slide, to Peppa Pigs car. Lots of touch screen games to keep them occupied and the best bit is you eat watching them. No more panic stricken 15 minutes waiting for food to come and praying to the toddler gods that they wont throw a fit in the meantime!

The second best bit about this place is the 'cake-away' stand. All home made cakes that you take home with you to enjoy after 7pm in peace when the little darlings have gone to bed! Now, these aren't just your regular cakes. They are HUGE! I would recommend the Vanilla slice (by slice I mean enough to feed a football team) and the 'Marz Attacks'


--AtoZ (talk) AtoZ 10:58, 3 May 2013 (UTC)