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Teresal's Review

We have used Pampers a lot with our daughter and we have personally found them the best, Meredith seemed to get a rash if we tried other brands.

Mad Margaret's Review

I would agree that they are by far the best quality out there. I used Lidl (still do) as they are cheap and with both my twins having fairly solid stools it's not difficult to get by with cheaper. But at night, we found Pampers were the best. Eventually, we started buying cheaper in a larger size for night time - but would still agree that if you can afford Pampers, then go for it.

Kerry's Review

I too generally agree they are by far the best.I did find with my daughter her nappies started to smell really strong of urine,after just a short period of time.So we started to buy the Pampers simple range,and not only are they cheaper but the smell went too.

Lylet's Review

I love Pampers, other nappies are just not as good. I didn't find the New Baby range to be that great with our boys, but with my daughter they were the only thing that contained that pesky breast fed baby poo! The Active Fit range is wonderful, they are so slim fitting and also the most absorbent.