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This is a fabulous piece of equipment


Plain and simple, its probably the best "toy" we bought for our son when he was younger...

The age range is advised from 6 months to 15 months or a weight of 11kgs and height of 85cms.

We bought ours second hand for £45 and we were a little sceptical as to how much it would be used, but we shouldn't have worried, from the first time he went into the Jumperoo he loved it!

At first, he just rocked a little and played with the toys that are attached - they are bright and colourful and easily grabbed - after he had been in a couple of times and realised he could "bounce" there was no stopping him! Fabulous reaction and full of smiles and laughter, it was an obvious hit!

There are lights, sounds and music all to entertain, the seat moves round 360* so little one can see all around and reach the toys that are well spaced, and best of all the fabric seat is removable so can be washed if it gets a little grubby from so much use.

One handy tip when Daniel started rolling around and I needed a quick trip to the loo, I put him in the Jumperoo so I knew he would be safe when I came back rather than rolling around and getting into mischief!

There are three different height adjustments, so as little one grows the Jumperoo grows with them

I can't think of anything bad to say, except it is a little bulky and so needs space to store/use but its well worth moving the furniture around a little to fit it in...

Prices range, its about £80 for a new Jumperoo but you can get them second hand for around £40, if you are thinking about getting one but not sure, go for it, your little one will love it...

Here's a link to the Fisherprice website for the "official" bit (we had the Rainforest one which isn't shown)

[Fisherprice Jumperoo]

--Sarahob (talk) Sarahob 21:47, 8 May 2013 (UTC)


Absolutely agree 100%. Our twins LOVED theirs - also the Rainforest - and it made my life a lot easier. It does fold in on itself so it can be stored at the side of a room. --Mad Margaret (talk) Mad Margaret 18:22, 10 May 2013 (UTC)

This has got to be the best money we have ever spent,They aren't cheap by far, but it is worth every penny to give your arm's a break. My daughter absolutely loved hers,she would bouncy as hard as possible,play with all the toys that surround it and just giggle for hours.----Kerryflump (talk) Kerryflump 03:00, 11 May 2013 (UTC)

I have to agree with the others, this was one of the most valuable purchases we made, Meredith absolutely loved it and was in it till she eventually found out how to climb out of it. --Teresal (talk) Teresal 20:56, 13 May 2013 (UTC)