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Hi,this is a little bit about me, before and after becoming a mummy.

When I was 21 years old I became friends with Paul ( Hubby ). We became very involved with each other very quickly and soon bought our first house together.

During the first few years we enjoyed going out for lots of drives, especially to Malton and Pickering area of North Yorkshire and also spent many nights in Scarborough, one of our local seaside resorts. We went on a few holidays together to Turkey;"Oh how I loved Turkey." We also went once to Kavos in Corfu, but that was a disaster. Football season and Kavos just don't mix well if you don't do football and can't quite understand the hype around kicking a ball lol.

Just after we got married in 2004, we purchased a caravan and spent most of our time there. We would leave work on a Sunday morning and head up to the camp-site and stay there till we were due back at work on the Wednesday evening ( we work the dead man's shift known as nights). We would meet up with friends at the site and enjoy our nights in the clubhouse, drinking way too much beer and playing way too much pool.

Since becoming parents all this has changed. We still work the dead man's shift, which is great as we only need childcare on a Wednesday night and the kids go to my mums. I don't think she would have it any other way now. On our days off we love to spend time with the kids and always try to do something special at the weekends, most of the time we end up at the seaside, splish splashing in the sea, digging in the sand and spending lots of 2p in the amusements.

Me and Paul also love to go to the local bingo hall; sad, I know, but we love it. It's not like I could get him going around the town for a few too many drinks as he drinks very little if at all. We are so different it's a wonder we actually work. Paul is quiet and I always take the mick out of him by saying he is like an old man, he would rather drink a cup of tea then have a pint. Me on the other hand, loud, bubbly and probably a little too cheeky for my own good. I like to have a good laugh with my friends and love to go out partying till the early hours - doesn't happen very often nowadays. So, as you can see, very different people, but I wouldn't change it at all, we work together just great. OPPOSITES DO ATTRACT.

--Kerryflump (talk) Kerryflump 18:42, 12 May 2013 (UTC)

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