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I consider myself very lucky to have become a mum to two beautiful twins at the age of 48. I have always felt younger than I actually am and I have a lot of energy, both of which I really appreciate now.

I have had many interests throughout my life, yoga, meditation, playing the guitar, song writing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, water-skiing…… none of which I am doing now I hasten to add.

Being a mum is definitely the most rewarding and fulfilling experience that I have ever had. Not to say that I didn’t have wonderful experiences before, I have lead a very rich life full of highs and lows but always searching for somethng. Now I feel complete. Yes they have driven me crazy at times with their incessant screaming and more recently their "no, no, more, more, this, this, mummy, mummy,mummy, MUMMY!" but on the whole they make me feel gloriously warm inside and incredibly proud.

As a mum I would describe myself as pro breastfeeding, pro co-sleeping, not really a believer in routine, although obviously with twins some sort of routine is essential if life is not to descend into chaos. I don’t believe in sticking them in front of the TV though I do resort to Peppa Pig, which they love, when they can't be otherwise entertained.

I am not as relaxed as I would like to be. I like to plan the day to some extent but with toddlers things do not always go to plan. They don’t always eat that lovingly prepared meal, they poo just as we are leaving the house, they shout and scream in the supermarket, they hit each other over the head with toys. I have cried with frustration at times.

If I have decided to go to the mother and toddler group I will stick with that plan at all costs, even if we leave the house 20 mins late because he has a poo just as I put them in the buggy and she screams because she doesn’t want those shoes on and I can’t find her other ones. I don’t want to be late so I am almost running and arrive sweaty and out of breath. Why do I put myself through that? Because I had decided to go and come hell or high water I am damn well going. This is a personality trait I could possibly do without!

On the whole I am incredibly busy and happy. To hear them laughing together fills me with joy.