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A Little About The Old Me

After leaving school with some good exam results, a failed attempt at university and several jobs in supermarkets and bars I finally decided that nursing was the career path for me. Deciding to stay at home with my parents during my training was financially the best move however, I found myself spending most of my evenings spent on my mates sofas after yet another drunken night in town. It was during these alcohol fuelled university years that I ventured on a girly holiday to Malia, here is where I met two fellow student nurses, one in the army and the other in the Royal Navy. These two people were the turning point in my life. I was awe of the fun lifestyle that they lived and I wanted to be part of it. So that is what I did, on completion of my nurse training I joined the Royal Navy, a decision I have never regretted and that has given me some amazing experiences, the bestest of friends, some unbelievable nights out, a husband and a family.

A Little About The New Me

Today, I am still part of the Royal Navy and very proud to be part of our armed forces. Mixing motherhood and the military has its challenges and as yet many of those challenges are still to be faced. I work full time and have to cover out of hours duties as well. I am also at risk of being moved to another area in the UK or abroad at anytime as well as being nominated to tour operationally in places like Afghanistan. Juggling this with bringing up a very lively and demanding two year old little girl keeps me busy and although my social life may have taken a hit in a big way, the need to have vino in the fridge is a must.

What Next

Having served in Iraq, Gibraltar, Portsmouth and Plymouth my time in the military has been crazy and fulfilling, however my priority is now with my family, and having gone through so much to have my daughter I do not want to miss out by being away from her. So it won't be long before I hang the combats up for good. Until then I continue to live for the weekends and make the most of every minute I get to spend with my little minx.

Another One

After a long discussion (2 years to be exact) we have decided to try for number 2. We are currently awaiting the go ahead to start from our new clinic but unfortunately my thyroid is misbehaving. Watch this space for further news, so please please keep your fingers crossed......

And Finally

Being a mummy is the best job in the world even when you realise that you haven't bought anything for yourself in months, you find yourself watching cartoons when the kids aren't there, your in total meltdown when the wine bottle is empty and they have pushed you to your absolute limits. Just remember that even after going through what feels like a day of living hell, you will check in on them before you go to bed and be filled with unconditional love (until tomorrow lol).

--Mrsmoxy (talk) Mrsmoxy 10:30, 4 June 2013 (UTC)