Who are we?

This wiki has been set up by a group of facebook friends, most of whom struggled with infertility for many years and found success with IVF. Our accounts are diverse and many are truly inspirational. If you are considering IVF then feel free to read our success stories (and the failures along the way) and we hope that you will find comfort or help in your journey.



Where are we going?

A Typical WikiMum
As time goes by we hope to create a site that will possibly answer ALL your questions from conception to toddlerhood, teens to cupcakes and vampires back to Sudocrem. All lavishly illustrated and lovingly developed by the WikiMums!!!

And just so you know, this is all written by normal human women (and some men, not necessarily normal). Don't come running to us if you decide that we have ruined your life with your appalling home-made play dough addiction. We've just put up our opinions and you can use your common sense as to whether they work for you or not. There's a link to our Disclaimer at the bottom of the page.